Solar Protech Window Tinting

Sandy Springs Dunwoody Window Tinting

Sandy Springs Dunwoody Window Tinting

Solar Protech window tinting has launched a new Sandy Springs – Dunwoody window tinting web site. Call now for quality installation and great pricing. Joe Anderson is the owner.

Remarkable Heat Rejection Performance

Solar Pro-Tech films provide maximum protection with unrivaled high heat rejection performance. Due to the films’ spectrally selective technology, visibility is not compromised. These films reject damaging infra-red and ultra-violet light rays that cause heat and fading, all without significantly reducing visible light transmittance.

They are also 100% dye-free and will not fade over time. Unlike conventional hybrid metallized films that use dyed polyester layers or apply dye in adhesives to tone down the metallic look, Solar Pro-Tech films offer a neutral, soft tone that does not appear metallic or shiny. Sandy Springs and Dunwoody Georgia residential and commercial clients can improve the look and lower utility bills at the same time.

Many of the tints qualify for the energy savings federal tax credit.

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